MURAD GUMEN (Director, Producer, Writer)

After writing and illustrating humor magazines as Crazy and Cracked, Murad’s work appeared in such publications as Playboy and Heavy Metal.  He subsequently worked as an artist for the Walt Disney Company.  His animated short, ERASED OFF, was a First-Prize winner in the ASIFA-East Awards, paving the way to work on Richard Williams’ RAGGEDY ANN & ANDY.  He wrote, directed, and produced RENALD RAP’S RAMBLING WITH RENALD RAP for cable television.


TIM TYLER (Director of Photography)

Now based in Seattle, the talented and creative cinematographer has since photographed a multitude of commercials and shorts, including films for BILL NYE, THE SCIENCE GUY.  Tim has branched out into multimedia, operating a company specializing in developing innovative web site design.


TODD RUTT (Art Director)

Todd began his art directing career working on features such as ENRAPTURE, BEDROOM EYES II and AFFAIRS OF THE HEART; his work during this period helped him snag an ACE award for design excellence in cable television.  Lately, he has concentrated on graphic design  for television shows as POLITICALLY INCORRECT, DANA CARVEY, SNL and CHRIS ROCK.  He enjoys a cherished notoriety for directing the classic feature film, SHOCK! SHOCK! SHOCK!


VINCENT SCHICCHI (Special Make-up Effects)

The Master Special Effects artist has been involved in a variety of commercials and shorts since his beginnings in the TV show MONSTERS, not to mention feature films the likes of LAST OF THE MOHICANS.  Along with his WONDERGUY partner, Louie Zakarian, Vincent was also on the design team of VAMPIRE VIXENS FROM VENUS.


LOUIE ZAKARIAN (Special Make-up Effects)

Louie has enjoyed a prolific career, from working on a David Bowie video to applying Faye Dunaway’s make-up in the Broadway play MASTER CLASS.  His talented hand has also been at work on THE LION KING, and, in the area of film, THE LANGOLIERS.  TROMEO & JULIET was fortunate to have him as the Design Supervisor for Special Effects Make-up.  Louie is currently on NBC’s team of make-up designs, working on shows such as SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE and CONAN O’BRIEN.



The man behind the Warlock is a many-faceted individual.  A graduate of Cornell, Tom studied opera and voice at Illinois and Princeton....while doing graduate work in archaeology.  Penning a book on the ancient coins of Sicily (entitled Morgantina Studies II: The Coins 1955-1981) did not prevent him from singing in dozens of operas, including THE MARRIAGE OF FIGARO and DON GIOVANNI.  Other fields have begged for his attention (especially advertising) that would make a COUSIN COUSINE character envious.  Particularly after thrilling to Mr. Grove’s incredible performance as the Warlock  the role he was born to play  few will be uncertain of the force the world has to reckon with.



If anyone wonders whether Ann did background research by reading Harvey Comics’ “Wendy, the Good Little Witch,” the answer is a resounding no. Few could have as convincingly pulled off the mixture of Carol Singer’s fieriness, vulnerability and sensuality. The exceptional Ms. Osmond has conquered both coasts in stage and screen...her most recent film is "HASH BROWN'S"; she recently completed a stage run of Sarte's "No Exit" and performs as a cabaret singer at various venues around NY.



Musical accomplishments and versatility are the hallmarks of Pilar’s performing career; word has it she’s currently a part of the booming south-of-the-border soap opera scene.



Before tackling the role of the irrepressible Imir, in a style that would have made Peter Lorre proud, Vinny appeared in many motion pictures including THE INHERITOR and (for phantasy phans) PHANTOM BROTHER.


KEVIN NAGLE (Grownup-Face Nelson)

Known as an explosive force on the New York stage, Kevin has tackled a plethora of parts in RICHARD III, BILOXI BLUES, HOGAN’S GOAT, and many more.  (No doubt his show-stopping portrayal of Grownup-Face Nelson allowed him to countenance the role of “Mucusface McSlab” in the Off-Off Broadway ATTACK OF THE VAUDEVILLE BATS.)  Soon, the talented thespian will be seen in a couple of big-budget Hollywood productions....but fans of the “B” world will never forget his leather-jacketed triumph as “The Bird” in I WAS A TEENAGE ZOMBIE.  The proud pappy of three dumplings has numerous TV and commercial work to his credit as well.



If Virginia is for lovers, Carter has put his home state’s fame-claim to good use, preparing for his role as Chad.  Some feel his ways of the lothario have come all too easily, and yet he has taken on parts that have been diametrically opposed, from Sherlock Holmes to Elvis Presley!  (Elvis, the devoted father and husband, we mean.)  The athletic actor has appeared in such films as DAVE, JFK, and METEOR MAN.



One word can sum up this talented actress who gives such a powerhouse performance in WONDERGUY: Dynamo!  Jegana began her career as an artist, specializing in parties and floral designs; she appeared in countless stage productions, in roles as diverse as Lizzie in “THE RAINMAKER” to a “SLEEPING BEAUTY” fairy.  While amassing a list of local TV and film credits, Jegana has become a much sought-after director of stage in recent years, piling up one big hit after another: from “ANNIE” to “CAROUSEL,” and “MAME.”  Other areas of expertise include set-design, costume and make-up....truly a one-woman juggernaut.



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