Adventurous and open to new ideas, Carol Singer (ANN OSMOND) believes trying her hand at witchcraft would be a different and exciting experience.  She is surprised to discover the ways of the occult could become way too difficult; her foolishly maniacal Warlock (THOMAS GROVES) plans to summon an army of demons, paving the way for world dominion. 

Not one to let conquerors have their way, Carol attempts to foil these plans when she and her kooky but magically experienced pal Loris (PILAR URIBE) stumble upon a rare ingredient that could lead to imperfect super-powers.  Carol's seemingly gallant co-worker, Chad (CARTER COCHRAN) would be a sure bet to take on the Warlock after ingesting the superhero serum; but the two witches are surprised to discover that, through a case of mistaken identity, cocky young loser Darnell Decker (MURAD GUMEN) swallows the serum instead.  And he's got better things in mind than to use his newfound powers for valorous purposes. 

Soon, Darnell, in his new guise as Wonderguy, discovers he has no choice  only he stands in the way of the Warlock and the mob he has taken over.  Woefully unprepared for the many menaces that stand in his way, Wonderguy stumbles through fantastic challenges, leading to an exciting, action-packed climax.

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